About Me

That's me.

You've reached William Blair Shaffer's personal blog. You can call him Blair. It's what everyone calls him.

Blair has been around computers his whole life, even building a few of them on his own. They're one of his great passions. His other passion is writing, which is what you will see represented here the most. It is his primary profession, specifically in the field of ghostwriting for businesses and individuals. He has been writing since the earliest days of being in front of a keyboard and has many years of experience. He takes pride in the fact that he is entirely self-taught, which leads to some slightly unusual quirks like his insistence on the usage of the Oxford comma.

Blair has written articles on countless subjects including advice on building sheds, the intricacies of flooring, recovering from injuries, listicles on everything you can imagine, and even the history of many locations in his home state of Pennsylvania.