7 Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

7 Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks
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Motherhood is a wonderful and glorious thing, but it would be dishonest to say that there aren’t any drawbacks. One of the most unavailable ones is going to be stretch marks. It doesn’t matter how good your skin is, at some point during your pregnancy, marks are going to start being fairly visible. That said, this doesn’t have to be an unsolvable problem. In this article, we at Yallababy will give you seven great tips on how you can hide, reduce, and even entirely get rid of your stretch marks!

Cover it Up

That’s right, for our first tip we’ll give you the one that is most simple. There are so many different ways to consider, far too many to list out in this one article, but one personal recommendation is getting a cosmetic corrector stick in various different shades of color, whichever matches your skin tone. These can be paired up with the color of your stretch marks to hide your marks very well.

Another popular way that’s come up is to use shea butter during when the marks first start appearing and regularly apply it to them.

Stay Hydrated

Another really easy one! It really might sound like generic advice, but this really does help. Your body is mostly made of water. This is especially true of your skin cells, which require a lot of it to repair themselves as efficiently as possible. To better recover from the trauma of stretching, it is suggested that you drink eight or more cups of water every day to keep your skin as healthy as possible. Don’t force yourself to drink when you don’t want to, but try to have some whenever you can.

Prenatal Belly Messages

If you’re worrying about stretch marks in advance of them actually appearing, there is something you can do to help minimize or in some cases even prevent them entirely. A prenatal belly massage with body oil or lotion, performed for a few minutes at least twice a day will help better allow your skin to adjust to stretching as your baby bump grows.

Laser Treatments

If you really want to absolutely ensure that they’re as invisible as possible, laser treatments are probably going to be your best option here. There are many different types of treatments and they will all be different based on your unique situation, so you will want to consult with a dermatologist about what works best for your needs. Just understand that they won’t make your marks completely gone, just very well blended in.

Before rushing to get this done, there is something important to consider. Most of the time, stretch marks will fade over time and naturally become less visible. These treatments can cost upwards of between $500 to several thousand dollars to perform. Furthermore, these treatments will be rendered completely pointless if you later decide to have another child. Make sure you fully understand what you’re doing before you commit to these treatments.


Exercise is something that in today's world is increasingly undervalued. It does more than just make you more lean and muscular depending on what you’re doing, it is also very important for things like recovering from stretch marks and even just feeling happier in general.

Any sort of exercise will do, it really doesn’t matter that much. Just choose something that you know that you will be able to both do consistently and have fun while performing it. If you must have some suggestions, consider things like swimming, jogging, walking, yoga, or pilates, but you truly can’t go wrong with something you know you personally enjoy.

Put Ice On Them

Ice? You got it. Stretch marks are basically teeny little scars that form and spread out as your skin stretches. It doesn’t help that these marks then swell, which makes them look even more visible. To help make them less visible and even help a bit with the healing process, put an ice pack or even just a bag of frozen vegetables over a section of your marks and keep them there for up to 10 minutes. Then move onto another section for 10, then repeat until you’ve covered everything.

Keep a Healthy Diet

You can follow all of these tips religiously, but if you’re not eating right, then you won’t be taking them at full advantage. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is very important for your body to start repairing the marks. It is also just as important to be cutting out junk food and snacks that you really don’t need. Drop the sugary drinks and replace them with healthier choices. It may seem like you’re cutting all the fun out of eating, but it’s well worth it if you want your body to be doing all it can to heal.

Bonus: Wear Them With Pride!

So what if you have stretch marks or not? These lines show just how much you went through to bring that beautiful child into the world. It’s become trendy as of late for mothers to not just embrace having them, but actively show them off in a way that compliments their outfits. Also keep in mind that, as mentioned previously, there’s a good chance that over the next few years that they will begin to fade on their own.

There’s nothing wrong with hiding them, but there’s also nothing to be ashamed of about them either!


Motherhood leaves battle scars, but they don’t need to be something that has to stick with you the rest of your life. There are so many ways to remove them that this article is only scratching the surface. For some, the best tip is to just be proud of what you look like and embrace the stretch marks. For many, they will start healing regardless and eventually go away all on their own.

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